Installation and Warranty

RIS Machining Titanium Buckles



Installation and use: RIS Machining buckles are made from the highest quality materials. It is important to periodically check the viability of the parts during use. Screws are 1.5mm Allen head screws and should be periodically checked for tightness and fatigue. It is the end user’s responsibility to verify that the strap being used will work with the buckles components. Large diameter crossbars and tongues will need to have a strap created for them. Please contact your strap manufacturer to verify these components will fit their strap. Crossbars and buckles will need to be checked for fatigue or damage by use. The end user is responsible for these inspections.


Warranty: RIS Machining buckles carry a Limited Lifetime Warranty on original workmanship and materials. This product is guaranteed to be free of defects in original material and construction. This does not include normal wear, fatigue, corrosion, or damage/breakage due to use or improper use. Please contact RIS Machining to receive warranty repair or replacement. Due to the semi-handmade nature of the product, variations will occur. These variations are normal and do not constitute a defect. RIS machining does not warrant any damage, defect, or alleged defect caused by the use or misuse of this product.


Liability Disclaimer:  Buckles are intended and sold for legitimate purposes only. The end user is responsible for the proper use and inspection of the product. RIS Machining, its employees and affiliates, shall not be liable for special, incidental, punitive or consequential damages, including but not limited to loss of anticipated benefits, loss of use, cost of capital, cost of any substitute equipment or facilities, claims of third parties, personal injury, damage to property resulting from the purchase or use of the item, breach of contract, negligence, strict tort, or any legal or equitable consequences caused by using our products. RIS Machining products and parts are to be inspected by the end user before each use for evidence of damage, defect, wear or fatigue. Any deviation by the user from the manufacturer's specifications concerning use, maintenance, repair, alterations and modifications constitutes willful negligence. RIS Machining assumes no responsibility for errors, omissions, diagrams, pictures, illustrations or text in these instructions or the documents contained herewith.


The installation of RIS Machining products or parts may adversely affect other components, equipment or manufactured goods (collectively "goods"). RIS Machining assumes no responsibility for any damage to other goods, or bodily injury that may arise due to failure of other goods, due to installation and/or use, either proper or improper, of its products or parts.